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What is Quantbase?

Build 20% of your wealth with high-risk passive index funds for stocks, crypto, NFTs, prediction markets, art, and more.

Step 1

Create an account and transfer capital.

This takes roughly 2 minutes. Then link a bank account or send a wire transfer to fund your account on Quantbase. This money goes into your own separately managed, SIPC-insured account to be managed on the platform.

Step 2

We recommend the funds best for you.

Using data about you including investing experience, risk level, investing goals and horizon, we recommend a selection of our automated funds to you to consider - and many others to explore with fully-transparent rules and performance.

Because our funds are automated, we can give you unprecendented levels of transparency into how the funds works, data going back decades, strengths and weaknesses, rebalance periods, and much more.

Step 3

Watch your capital grow while we take care of the work.

Invest in a few funds for you, and your capital is managed on your behalf automatically by our rules-based funds and monitored by humans. We'll send you updates on performance, rebalances, and transactions so you're always in the loop.

More questions?

More answers here. If we haven’t answered your question, feel free to reach out to us at hello@getquantbase.com.

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